Ezia Athletic Club


Live your best life on Nantucket as you achieve optimal health and well-being at a fitness club built just for you. Featuring luxury amenities, cutting-edge equipment, and the best trainers on island, EZIA Athletic Club is the premier health and wellness destination on island.  

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Imagine a place without limits. A place where you can bring your closest friends and family to share an active lifestyle at it’s best, on Nantucket.

Our Mission is to make our members their best! EZIA Athletic Club’s Lifetime Membership is a limited privilege, and a source of rejuvenating wellness.

117 Orange Street is not just geographically in the middle of the island; it's also the anatomical heart of Nantucket.

Facilities & Amenities

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Share private access to our state-of-the-art club with your family and friends; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership Supports your active lifestyle with the highest quality Fitness, Recovery and Nutrition programs available

Platinum Membership delivers life-changing results. Our experts are on your team when you join us to relax, rehab an old injury, lose weight and boost your performance.

Enjoy complimentary refreshments, locker, towel and laundry service, valet and car washing service, and exceptional customer service from our front desk concierge.

Our program delivers personalized fitness, nutrition and recovery experience to all ages and ability levels.

Our Team

Our elite staff is our greatest asset; every individual contributes directly to our member’s growth and success.

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