Exclusive Membership + Inclusive Program

A visit to EZIA Athletic Club represents the best possible start to the perfect day for our private members who get to enjoy Nantucket Island at its fullest. It’s that post-workout confident glow, the energetic and youthful feeling you get after a great session that supports an active lifestyle full of fishing rods and golf clubs, surfboards and bicycles, sunsets, cocktails and beach bonfires with family and friends.  The EZIA experience in fact represents how well our members live the active lifestyle, because they’ve wisely chosen to prioritize their health first, by scheduling a visit to EZIA Athletic Club at the center of their day. 

Hospitality + Performance

Ezia Athletic Club combines the privacy and hospitality of a private country club, with the program and service efficiency of a professional sports team’s athletic training center. It’s like having a 5-star dining experience, but for your health. You can expect nothing but the best facilities, programs and people at your service.

As a Member, you will enjoy a daily dose of professional grade, integrated health and fitness services from a comprehensive staff of experts at the club, or delivered to your home residence. Throughout history the world’s top-performing athletes have utilized this collaborative-team approach to achieve greatness in their lives. And now this unique experience is available to you and your family too, through our limited membership.