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EZIA Fitness Design Center created a bright, beautiful and engaging gym in what was a dingy old basement. My family and I love the overall vibe and efficient use of space. One of our favorite things to do as a family is spend time together in the gym, which never used to happen…

D. Walsh – East Hampton, NY


Many homeowners prefer the superior convenience of the best exercise trends and options brought to them in the privacy of their home. A professional-grade home gym should reflect all of the unique interests of the owners, and engage all ages and family members. An awe-inspiring and fun home-gym experience will lead to achieving goals for generations, instead of the investment collecting dust.

Fitness Design Center


When you’re ready for the most personalized experience, and the best service. We will spearhead a comprehensive project approach and work with existing team members to coordinate everything from the building design to facility layouts, equipment procurement, delivery and final installation.

EZIA created a first class club for us at the new Baccarat Hotel in NYC. The members and residents love the modern layout and unique equipment. Today’s guests demand facilities and programs that keep-up-with and surpass industry trends. Our fitness facility is another great reason for guests to return.

Barry Sternlicht CEO, Starwood Hotel Group


Hospitality Resorts want to create customer loyalty, that’s when our Fitness Design Center comes in to create a modern fitness center as it is is a central part of a great guest experience for the time constrained traveler.  Hospitality groups are stepping up their game, and we are here to help take your vision to the next level.

Fitness Design Center

We understand the many challenges and obstacles hospitality groups face in creating and managing health and wellness facilities, programs and people. It’s not easy, even if it’s kept simple. But the customer should get what they want, and it’s in the best interest of the business to be ahead of the curve, not chasing a trend.

The EZIA team has been PHENOMENAL in helping us map out a plan to bring onsite fitness and wellness to TaylorMade/Adidas. We started with an empty room and they helped design the space, order the equipment, connected us the best deals, and implement exceptional programs and staff. The result is over 20% of our work force actively engaged in the program we developed. I guess you could say we are bursting at the seams in terms of participation and that’s a great problem to have.

Marcie Faraimo, VP of Global HR Taylor Made/Adidas Golf


Fitness studios, commercial chains and corporations have unique needs and challenges but share the end goal of building a cutting-edge facility that is fresh and fun. The primary focus is member engagement and retention, through offering a first rate experince… easier said than done!

Here at the Ezia Fitness Design Center, we have an extensive background working with top companies like TaylorMade/Adidas, Qualcomm, Hard Rock Hotels, Starwood and others. We also advise smaller startup studio entrepreneurs and existing health clubs who wish to optomize their operations, grow engagement and revenues beyond the standard approach.