Our Mission


Make our members their best


Redefine the private health club experience through delivering our unique approach, representing the highest quality standard, while giving back to the communities we serve. 


Develop best in-class private health club facilities designed to foster our members success, with a team of collaborative health experts, who deliver personalized programs using our mobile health technology.

Our Community

How we are different

What makes EZIA Athletic Club unique is simple: The experience is all about you! Our expert team takes the time to get to know you. We assess your level of fitness and wellness and map out a strategy and timeline to meet your goals. Plus, we support you every step of the way.

Who We Serve

EZIA provides the best to members who demand the best. We work with people of all ages and ability levels who strive to make each day better and know that being your best comes from trusting experts and from doing the work. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, overcome a nagging injury, and recondition to improve your game or want to psych up your family or workplace — EZIA will get you there.

Our Community

Whether you are new to fitness, a competitive athlete or somewhere in between, you are invited to discover our community of active minded people who push to achieve the next level. The EZIA community fosters positivity, character building and hard work. Members choose us to discover what it takes to reach their goals, and work with our experts to create a custom plan that keeps the body stimulated, the mind engaged, and the results phenomenal!